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New layout for the 3rd time today!
New chat and interview with characters.


Welcome to the random middle school blog of Meki!!

  BkaydaKönig is Bill Kaulitz ichtuedenRasen1 is Kairi Kingof_porn is Tom Kaulitz and ice_burn is lone

 Tuesday June 24 11:50 pm

BkaydaKönig has just entered the room

ichtuedenRasen1 has entered the room

kingof_porn has also entered the room


BkaydaKönig: Hey where are you guys?!

Kingof_porn: In the bed

BkaydaKönig: okay and...

kingof_porn: hehe

BkaydaKönig: never mind...

ichtuedenRasen1: HEY I AM HERE TOO!!

BkaydaKönig:hey hunny

ichturdenrasen1: hey boo

kingof_porn: Hey kairi wanna come to my house

ichturdenrasen1: you got coffee??

kingof_porn: No

ichturdenrasen1: Well then no

BkaydaKönig: ur are a good girl *pets head*

ichturdenrasen1:I ain't no dog unless u want me to be

ice_burn: ewww nasty Tom just wait flirting w/my bff

kingof_porn: :P

ice_burn: *grabs chainsaw*

Kingof_porn: HEY GUYS GOTA GOO! BYE!! *runs away*

ice_burn: okay..so how u guys been??

BkaydaKönig: Good you?? =)

ichturdenrasen1: I am also fine

ice_burn: coollio *puts chainsaw behind back*

BkaydaKönig:that interview thing was so stupid =(]]]]]

ichturdenrasen1: hey g2g the magic thing is on

BkaydaKönig: me too

ice_burn: dit

25.6.08 04:40


Interview with characters

Hello i am in the room with the characters form the sieries "The Calling" And i am going to be asking them questions but sadly only Lone and Kairi and Bill and Tom could be here at the moment.

Interviwer: So how long have you known each other?

Bill: Well i met kairi back in lets see.....

Kairi: *punches Bill* in 2006

Tom: *stares at Kairi wierdly* We met in 07

Lone: Yep *hugs Tom and also stares wierdly*

Interviwer: umm okay...Sooo who do you love most??

Bill: MY MOM!! *hugs kairi*

Kairi: *trys to push Bill away* MY MUM TOO!!

Tom: Lone!

Lone: I wivvles u too! *make out scene*

Interviwer: uhh were where you born??? *shealds eyes*

Bill: In a hospital

Kairi: THE SUNSET MOUNTAN HOSPITAL!! YEA *punches interviwer*

Tom: *cracks up badly* dito

Lone: *knodds*

Interviwer: I GIVE UP!! *leaves room*

unison: uhhhhh oookkaayyy.....*stares at door*

Bill: That is why i love her

Kairi: aww

Tom: Is this gonna be a seuing situation??

Lone: I hope not

Bill: i dont' live in money

Tom: Neither do i!

Bill: *Punches Tom in eye*

Tom: *throws bill to ground pulling hair*

Lone and Kairi stare in amusement

interviewer comes back into room but name has changed to Googoo


Kairi: YOU MEAN LIKE THIS?! *punches googoo in gut*

Bill and tom get back up and lone puts face in hands

Lone: Not again! *gets up and pulls kairi awawy from googoo*

Bill: Sheesh Kairi *sits on kairi's lap to hold her down*

Tom: go on we don't have all day!

googoo: oh yea okay...*flipps paper* uhh have you....OH HECK NO I AINT SAYING THAT!!

Tom gets up and walks over and laughs uncontrolably

Tom: Lone come over here!!

Lone gets up and walks over while bill and kairi are still on the couch.

Bill: What does it say i am scared to move!!!

Tom: It says when was ur last menstral cycle


Bill and kairi go to interviwer and punch and rip her hair while lone plays her psp and tom listens to his ipod.

Lone: Lets see two weeks ago *goes back to playing her psp*

Tom: Whatcha playing??*tom gets all in lones face*

Lone: Nothing?!

Toms eyes get big and they both watch the psp tom laughs pervertely.

Kairi: that was fun!

Bill: Yep

Kairi: Hey are you getting on ur Aim tonight??

Bill: AGAIN YES! *laughs and kisses kairi's forhead*

Lone gets on stage

Lone: Well that was the ending of the violent confusing episode we just did. I hope you liked it and have a nice day!!

all in unison


25.6.08 04:22

Sleep Already!

Well it is a chaotic week. And i havent gotten much sleep AT ALL! And also i cannot work on my other website cause it has an error whenever i go to save my stuff it drives me CRaZY!!!! I cannot finish working on my website anyways cause lets see i lost both of my paint shop pro. And stuff so all i can work on is Pain.net and microsoft paint. =( so sad but! BUT! BUT! BUT! BUT! I am getting my sims2 game on friday *happy dance*
25.6.08 03:54

i came back omg

I got back yesterday from VA beach. I took some more pictures. But we couldn't go swimming cause it is just the start of jelly-fish-season. That would be dangorus and i am like terrified of those things and almost every sea fish. We went to the oriental store and looked around and stuff and my friend Dana she was getting some but i almost threwup cause i hate crabs AudreyKitching.jpg Audrey Kitching image by OMGitsbertobessionALOT! So i was not having a fun time there when we where near the crabs and fish and stuff but i was entertained when we where in the back cause they hade a whole incap full of nail decorating supplies. I was happy and stuff but daop she wanted to look around and stuff and we kept getting in small fights here and there. And i saw this like REALLY CUTE boy when i was there and he had blonde hair and was wearing a black MCR shirt i said hi to him and he bought me a necklace. omg i never knew he lived near me untill i saw that his whatchamicallit had Charlottesville written on it. HAPPY DAY! But what made me sad was that he goes to a differnt school than me. *cry* My friend/bro Belieuqe got back from Cali. Last night he wrote me and said "I had a horriable time and i never want to go there again" And was compaining that he "wanted to die cause he almost got shot with a bee-bee gun. Omg dude get over it u wuzz. Sheesh i mean he is pretty anti-social but he has to lighten up or he isn't ever gonna get through life.
23.6.08 20:18

At my friend's house

Well i was at my friend dana's house yesterday. And i took some pictures!

those are just 2 though but i got a few videos about glitches on sims2 pets for the PS2. It was so funny cause my hamster/mammal they call it. Ran away 6 times. But tonight i am leaving to Bultimore i will be sure to take pictures.


13.6.08 20:38


Well i made the new layout which was a huge pain in the butt. I have been having cramps and my mom hasn't let me on much. And i am not going to get on from Fri. To Sun. So any messages i am not going to be able to respond to till after monday. I also cut and dyed my hair on wendsday and on the 5th my dear boyfriend passed away from a toumor. That he killed himself anyways if he didn't die beforehand. And my friend Momo (that is his sister) She took out her snake-bites to make them heal and is getting her ears piericed ANOTHERTIME!!! ughhh if it wasn't for her mother she'ed have nothing BUT piercings and tattoos. Sheesh i am going on 14 and i just NOW was able to have my hair dyed!! I feel so over protective!! Hahahaha so it is also summer break that i am on right now and i have nothing to do! How exciting?!?! Yes, yes it is.


9.6.08 23:36


WHOOT! i am at school! today is the last day! EXCITING!!I got a new website all to myself@ as if i didn't before haha. THIS ONE IS SPECIAL!! not really it is the same as the others. I am deleting all of the other nes and i am working on alother wesite and all te time over summer vication i am going to to be reading fanfictions! Cause i have ABSOLOUTLY NOTHING! To do with my life. not that good to be admitting i guess. Gotta go bye!

4.6.08 17:46

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