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New layout for the 3rd time today!
New chat and interview with characters.


Welcome to the random middle school blog of Meki!!
This is shocking

Well if you notice, all of the stories are all part in a huge series, called The Calling. The main characters that are involved in all the stories but some are not are.

  • Kairi
  • Vincent
  • Bill
  • Tom
  • Georg
  • Gustav
  • Lone
  • Alleon
  • Momo

Well stay timed for the new storys going to be posted!

23.5.08 02:39


Updates and stuff it is short

Everything is changing right now so bere with me!

New layouts like every day untill i stick with one.

New fanfictions are being made.

22.5.08 00:29

New layout being made!

Okay i am SO happy to say that I am going to make a layout by hand this time!! Instead of being lazy. But i am still going to use avatars from ONIT.
21.5.08 02:54


Way to much stuff to do!! ughhh i just want a break!! from a website thing. ughhh......i knew this was going to be a pain eventualy! 
18.5.08 16:20

I am working on something else o.0 usual

Well i am working on another web-thing well a quizzilla my personal one. So if you have one and would like to add me it is


obvious right?? lol. i dont have anything to do with my life right now. Lol. =)


17.5.08 03:26

happy mothers day

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!

Give some love to your moms consitering they gave you life. If it wasnt for us women, well there wouldnt be you or your mom or her mom or your father and his father! So be nice to your moms today, and treat them nice!


12.5.08 03:26

May 9th 2008

                               Today i have been called


                                          A jerk

                                          A slut

                                          A boy

     But it was one of the best days of my life no matter what.



beyotch u cannot change me call me all u want i wont give a crap when i am with my friends!!

10.5.08 02:49

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