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New layout for the 3rd time today!
New chat and interview with characters.


Welcome to the random middle school blog of Meki!!

Well i am now in high school it is April 3rd right now, we are on spring break. Just ended the 3rd quarter....

Well in other news i had to give away Feliese, my brother is.....going on 8 months now

My sister is 6 turning 7 in July


Time is going by so fast it is just.....hard to keep up with.



3.4.10 16:05



I haven't been on in forever. I almost forgot about this! Thank goodness i didn't ^_^' hahaha. Well my mom had a baby boy named Darius and i got a baby kitten that i named Feliese :3. I am happy also because i am out of school and i am going to highschool when summe vication is over. I am incredably nervous. >.<


12.7.09 19:38

Working Working WORKING!!!

 I might be making another story, but i don't know what it should be about. I don't want to make another fan fiction, so i have nothing!

I wanted to make a story i wrote about.....1000 or something words i had like 3 pages then my computer went BOOM! And all of it was gone. I was like SO MAD, BUT i think that i should do this over spring breaK which is now while i have the time. >.< but i am bugged ALL . THE . TIME . 

To get off the computer because my LITTLE SISTER who is 5 YEARS OLD is into this stupid "Weeworld" crap. 



9.4.09 22:34


Well i am 8th grade going into 9 now and TIME IS GOING BY SO FAST!!!!!!! It is CRAZY!!!!!!

Well i am going to get another blog. <.< cause the other was ambushed by love crazy monkeys.


ttyl <3 Vintage

11.1.09 14:57

Time has gone by

Time has gone by EXTREMELY fast this year for me. I feels like only a week ago i started school but it has actually been 3 months. It is amazing!

I got the scanner to work at my aunts so i can upload a few of my pictures.


4.11.08 23:10


I might change my look. You know maybe try to get something from claires. Try to make some money when school starts. I am gonna try the whole "Scene" look. I am not going overboard or anything.

I went shopping with my aunt and my 3 cousins and my grandmother today. It was a migraine to start with. Tourture man FOR REAL!

Uh, yea my head hurts


15.7.08 23:13

i hatethis

I hate my life everything........ttyl
2.7.08 19:20

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