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Welcome to the random middle school blog of Meki!!
i came back omg

I got back yesterday from VA beach. I took some more pictures. But we couldn't go swimming cause it is just the start of jelly-fish-season. That would be dangorus and i am like terrified of those things and almost every sea fish. We went to the oriental store and looked around and stuff and my friend Dana she was getting some but i almost threwup cause i hate crabs AudreyKitching.jpg Audrey Kitching image by OMGitsbertobessionALOT! So i was not having a fun time there when we where near the crabs and fish and stuff but i was entertained when we where in the back cause they hade a whole incap full of nail decorating supplies. I was happy and stuff but daop she wanted to look around and stuff and we kept getting in small fights here and there. And i saw this like REALLY CUTE boy when i was there and he had blonde hair and was wearing a black MCR shirt i said hi to him and he bought me a necklace. omg i never knew he lived near me untill i saw that his whatchamicallit had Charlottesville written on it. HAPPY DAY! But what made me sad was that he goes to a differnt school than me. *cry* My friend/bro Belieuqe got back from Cali. Last night he wrote me and said "I had a horriable time and i never want to go there again" And was compaining that he "wanted to die cause he almost got shot with a bee-bee gun. Omg dude get over it u wuzz. Sheesh i mean he is pretty anti-social but he has to lighten up or he isn't ever gonna get through life.
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