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New layout for the 3rd time today!
New chat and interview with characters.


Welcome to the random middle school blog of Meki!!

flower.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607.Layouts: Letzte Tag fur uns (no code) IM SO SORRY THAT MY HAND WRITING IS HORRID!! THis WAS MY FIRST!!

Image5-1.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607

.Layout 2: 1000 Meere i made about like 3 of these they almost look the exact same.

Image4-2.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607

.Layout 3. 1000 Meere out den rain the navi should do vertical and the working box should also i checked and the Multimedia can be used with a regular youtube or anyother video person it should work just put a border around it.

Image4-1.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607

Layout 4: DONT EVEN USE IT IF U DO NOT WANNA! I mean i know it got crappy i didnot know that untill now that is looked like that!

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flower.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607AWESOME LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC BLOGS&WEBSITEN!!!!!!

flower.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607  http://one.night-in.tokio.myblog.de/

flower.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607http://th-unit.myblog.de/