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Crashing Waters

By Kairi

Chapter one:

  I walked outside of my dusty shack, i was trying to paint it and make it look bearable. It looked trerrible, i grabbed a paintbrush from the table where i kept the tools that i was working with. I rubbed my chin and studdied the tall leaned building. My sister Abby was painting the back and plucking the berries from the east garden. I walked over and called Abby to come over. 

"Does this look bad as a color? Is it too...girly or uguly?"

She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Just cause i am a girl doesn't mean that i know the fashion of how to paint a garadge!"

I stuck my tounge out at Abby and walked to the back of the house and sat while drinking my juice that i sat on the step. I went inside though the screen door and and down into the bathroom to wash my hands. 


I turned quickly to hear the high-pitched scream of my sister from outside but i went back to washing my hands. She was maybe just squilled to see if i was going to come. That little brat. I waltsed into the livingroom and plopped down on the small sofa turning on the TV. I looked at the clock and it seemed to get later faster than usual.

"I wonder what she could be up to?! It is dark! School is starting in a few days! Ughh i don't wanna get up!"

I put up the bridge of the chair and walked down the hallway holding my dizzy head from falling over. I opened the screen door and walked down the stairs to the golden and orange leaf covered ground. I didn't see her, i looked around with my hands in my pockets till i saw movement in the far-by bush.

"Abby come out i am not playing--"

I bend down to move away the bushes and i saw something red covering the leaves and tree beside.

"For real!"

Looking i saw Abby she was laying on the ground her eyes where wide and white. She was tence and trembeling. I held her to me and i put her on my sholder running to the house i opened the screen and gently put her on the couch. I ran and my heart was beating as fast as it could. I became dizzy and fell to the ground i reached my arm as far as i could to reach the phone on the counter i pulled it down and called the police.


I was crying as hard as i could, i didn't even know how she did or when. I fell over and i didn't even know it. I tried to pull my way across the carpet to get to my sister. But her eyes where closed and she wasn't moving. I closed my eyes and held her hand as we both fell to the floor. Losing my sight of the light.



Today is the Day 

By Jiggleyxjello a.k.a. Kairi Addiction 

"Your daughter has a mental illness, she needs to be taken care of by a person." That is what i heard from a guy in a white suit while i was at the doctors. I don't remember it very well, whenever i think of it i remember mommy dying and papa leaving. I am alone. "Whats up Lone?" Asked Audreas "Nothing." i walked down the sidewalk scuffling my feet dragging my head down. "Why are you so sad? You are usualy happy?" I picked my head up and stopped walking, "NIEN!" I felt a hand touch my neck, i do not like to be touched. "Want to play retard?" Audreas got between me and Alleon. "She is NOT a retard. Now go run along with all of your other little fags!"
"No Audre--"
"shhhhh Lone! Run!"
I picked up my bag and ran behind the tree not knowing anything where i was going. I was lost, there was a few boys that looked nice around the corner. I walked toward them, "Hi! My name i---"
"I dont care what your name is." Said a guy with long hair. a guy with spikey hair covering one eye came over to me.
"Dont pay attention to mr. grouch over there he is never nice. Are you?"
He turned his head.
"My name is Bill, what is your my darling?" He let out his hand from his pocket. We shook "ermm...my name is Lone."
"Beautifull name Lone" He patted my sholder. I didnt freak, he must be special.
"What do you need miss?" He plopped down on the outdoor chair. "Well i was running fromthis guy buthe..HE STILL HAS AUDREAS!! ohmeine gott oh meine gott!" I started walking around in circles. He put his hands on my sholders "Stop just tell me where it this guy?" I pointed to the right. "Com'on guys, you too Georg!" They got up and walked over. "You know Audreas too?" Said Bill.
"Yes, he is my protector he takes care of me."
"oh, i see. I never thought...never mind." He looked at me with a faint smile..
We walked over i saw Audrey on the floor hurt bleeding. His blonde hair turned red. "NO AUDREY!!!!!!!!!!!"
I started freaking out panicing, " I DON'T WANT YOU DIE LIKE MOMMY!!" I searched for something to help. "He will be alright, trust me." A boy with dreadlocks put Audreas on his sholder. "Please, please be alright..." I prayed. Why why why why why ughh I pulled at my hair. Why does every thing that brings me joy have to be broken? I started to cry. Muffling my tears with my coat sleeve. Bill kneeled to my hight, "It will be alright, my brother will help him. He is like a brother to us." I nodded Bill hugged me "it will be alright stop crying." His comfort brought me joy, i looked up i saw his beauty in my presence. I never saw anything that radiant and dashing in my life. Enjoy the momment enjoy it dammit!We walked down the sidewalk Bill's brother in front. "This is the place. Here is my house you can drop him here." I opened the door and walked up the stairs asking Tom to follow. He sat Audreas on the bed, he was brused and cut. He had a cut on his lips and cheeks. Why did i run, i should've stayed and protected him. Why do i cause every one troubble that was probebly why mommy killed herself. Why!! I started pulling my hair and scratching my self causing be to bleed. I licked the blood. "Now you are not the only one with cuts," I wispered. "Are you alright, dont tell me you are hurt also! that is okay i will get a bandaid out of my bag. Bill! Kiss her boo-boo make it better!" I heard fast feet come up the stairs. "Huh whatcha need?" he said out of breath. "Help her! oh yea, my name is Gustav nice to meet you!" Bill came over to me sat down beside me. "No need to hurt youself honey, you can take it out on Georg" I laughed "Now that is a girl i can talk to." He pulled my hair out of my face. "HE...he is waking up!" We rushed over to the bed. I cupped his hands in mine. "Please be okay Brother be okay!" He groaned. "Lone.....where am i?"
"You are at your home, where you are sopossed to be." I hugged him. "Do you want a wet rag?"
"Yes, that would be nice"
I ran to the wash room hearing them talking from the room.
"Who are you guys?"
"We are the guys that practicliy saved your life" i heard laughing.

PART 2 (just typed May19 2008)

"We are the guys that practicaly saved your life!"
I heard laughing from the room. Audreas was sitting up, all 5 of them on the bed. "umm, is anything happening here?" I said sarcasticaly. Bill got up and said "Hey you want to leave these guys alone for a sec, have some time to talk?" I nodded, "Hey we'll be back in a few please do not kill each other while we are gone!"
"OkAY!!!!" they yelled from the room. We walked down the wooden stairs, into the small inner room. "So are you two the only ones that life here." He walked past the wall ovserving the pictures. "Yea, both of our parents died when we where young. But Audrey is the only one willing to take care of me. I have something wrong with me, but i do not know what." He sat down beside me on the white leather sofa, we turned on the TV.
Flipping through channels we looked at the news, Parents found near James River, unknown identity. Want more info.... "Hey! wait, Lone! That woman kinda looks like that lady in the photo over there, on the wall." I looked over, staring to both. Bill got up and got the picture off of the wall and showed them to me. "I think that is my mother. But i thought my mom died of cancer!?"
"I guess that is not the case."
I heard nocking on the door and a piece of paper comming through the door i rushed over, a bullet came through the glass door shattering the glass into peices. Shooting into my neck and hand. I fell to the ground bleeding, screaming. "Help!! Lone is hurt" I saw Bill run towards the phone. I was still struggling beeding, i passed out. When i woke up, i saw Bill beside me, his forhead bleeding. His eyes where closed. His hand holding mine. I groaned, and started to cry. The tears burned, as they fell making Bill's arm wet. He opened his eyes, forcing himself to talk. I put a finger over his mouth. "We will make it, together. Just believe and trust me." He stared at me a tear comming out of his brown eyes. He turned his head and closed his eyes. I did the same. When i opened my eyes i was in a white room. There was a needle pearcing into my skin, i felt was if i was going to puke. "This is going to just take a moment." He pushed the large needle into my skin farther i felt it hit the musles and vains at it whent through. I teared, "Ma'am would you like to see your friends? Well the people wanting to see you?" I nodded. Tom and Georg, Gustav and Audreas came into the room. They all had their heads down, as if they where sad. "Lone, we have something to tell you." Tom said under his tears, he wiped his face. And barried his head into the bed and Georg came over beside me and held my hand. "Lone, Bill..." He couldn't make out what he was going to say. "He--he didn't make it." He sobbed and barred his head in my sholder i hugged him. I started to cry also, i got up out of the bed and whent to the bag that was in the room, i felt around it and felt something cold, metal. It was a gun, i checked if it was loaded, "Lone! NO!!!!" I held it up to my head, put it to my head. Closed my eyes and took a big breath. Tom ran over to me before i shot, "What the hell where you thinking, killing your self?" I cryed. "but, but." Tom helped me up, looked into my eyes. "Die Unendlichkeit ist nicht mehr weit" He sang in a small voice. He shook me, "Please don't kill your self. I already lost someone i love." He came towards me and kissed me on the lips. Gustav and Georg where still crying, Georg i think passed out because of his stress. Gustav sat on the floor. "Tom, i-i never.." He shhh'ed me, whent over to Audreas and yelled. "everyone lets get home and get some rest." We all moaned in unison. When we all walked out of the room i peaked into Bill's room and looked at the bed. No one was in it, "Wait boys!" I held out my hand, and pointed into the room. All of the windows there closed and the sheets where set. "Wait isn't that Bill's room. I don't get it!" Tom whent to look also, "Yep Kaulitz, see right......there!" I scratched my head.  We both walked to the lady that was in the front. "Ma'am could you help us for a second?" She turned and looked at us, she was smacking her gum. It annoyed me deeply. "Yes, what do you want. I am on my lunch break so make it quick." Audreas and Gustav where playing with hacky-sacks and Georg was reading a book. "Umm...my brother Bill Kaulitz was in the room. Number four-eighty-three, could you tell me where he is?"
"what is your name?"
"Tom Kaulitz."
She pressed some keys on the keyboard for a few seconds and looked over to us.
"It says that he left three weeks ago."
"But we have only been here for a day or so?!"
"that isnt what that says."
"well than the shit is wrong!"
"Well than you need to go to someone else!"
She closed the curtain on us and hung up a 'Closed' Sign. "Nice going." Said Georg, and hit Tom on the sholder. Tom walked around in circles holding his hands on his head. "Georg how would YOU like if you lost your brother and they say that he is dead and we have been lost for three freakin weeks? YOU wouldn't like that would you?! NO YOU WOULDNT!" He yelled at Georg and his face turned red. I ran over to Tom "Tom, we will find him! I KNOW it."  I hugged him we walked out of the hospital and walked down the cement sidewalk, all beside each other. Tom was singing what Bill was when i met them. "Wenn nichts mehr geht werd´ ich ein Engel sein Fr dich allein Und dir in jeder dunklen Nacht erschein" He sang quietly, i guess trying to hide it but i herd every word. We where silent back to my house. When we got back Tom and Gustav called their mothers. And Georg just said "My mom dont give a crap." We all stayed in the living room on the two couches, but Audrey and Tom got in a fight so he just slept upstairs. "I cannot believe what happened today. Or however long this was." Said Tom he turned over. "Well adleast we ALL didnt die." Said Gustav, I sat up. "Well adleast the boy that.." I broke off walked into the bathroom down the hall and sat on the floor. Grabbing a blade out from in my conpact case under the bathroom sink. Cutting at my wrists, I looked blood comming off the sides of my arms. Why is my life like this?  I got up and put a cold rag over my cuts put my braclets back on. And walked out, I saw the boys they where sleeping. I picked up the blanket and layed on the couch. And i tried to sleep.

             By JiggleyxJello©

           part 3 comming soon!


gregr.jpg picture by inuyashagirl607A story in the eyes of a normal superstar Bill Kaulitz

I smiled to the sky, smelt the fresh spring air. "Peaceful," I wispered, sat on my knees layed on the ground. "Whatcha doin?" I looked up to a teenage girl with red hair about the same age as me. I sat up and cracked my neck. "Nothing, who are you?" I appered to have been weasing because i fell on my face the next second later. She sat down beside me, she looked close to my face. "Dont you remember me?" She said so close to my face i felt her breathing, kissing range i was tence. I backed away a bit. "No, im sorry." I tried to make her notice that i didnt want her THAT close. "I'm Kairi, we where good friends a while ago," She looked up to the sky. "It was a sad day, that was when." She cholked, grabing her throat, falling to the ground. "Oh my god!!" I was panicing I didnt know what to do, she wasnt breathing. I looked around for help i saw noone. It was about 3 minutes intill i saw blood across from me she was bleeding, badly. I screamed I didnt know what to do, all that i could was stare to scared to move. "A person that i knew but didnt, that i loved i thought. Just died before my eyes." A tear fell from my face. I felt her cold pale face with blood from her mouth it all happened so fast i really did not know what happened. I wiped some of the warm blood off the corner of her mouth. And kissed her cold lips, i knew who she was i just cant remember who you are.

*~Flash Back!~*

I was walking down the crowded hall in school a regular day in december. I got grabed by my black jacket and thrown into a room with dead things another person was in the room, a tall person with a baseball bat. I screamed and scooted back towards the wall untill i couldnt move any farther, I saw the person come down hard with the baseball bat onto me. But i felt no pain at all, i saw nothing at all i was NuMb. All over like an internal sheet covering all of my nerves.  Untill i was finaly let out of the hospital i cannot remember anything else from that.

*~Present Flash!~*

I caressed her hair and layed her back down. As tears rolled out of my eyes, i was confused, devistated most of all heartbroken. To see death happen in my eyes it hurts. I began to walk away though a green medow that seemed never ending. But i noticed something i didnt notice before. "What is....THAT!!" I scram and ran as i a crawling figure running faster, faster towards me. I looked back, nothing was there. I turned my head the person was in front of me. "Where did you think..you..where going?" The scary figure took a long finger ceresses my lips and wispered into my ear. "Watch out little bo...y" It fanished its long black hair slowly going with it. But something droped, a locket. With the engravings,

'Bill Kaulitz My love Sept 1989-March 09'

"Wait, that cannot be right im alive....I think." I was confused not knowing anything completely BLANk. Was any of this real, was I real? As that second passed a door opened in frount of me. Out of nowhere. I felt a hard push from behind me, I fell in the door now knowing that there was nothing. Nothing around me, nothing is real. I am not real. I landed straight on my back in a red room. Smell of iron and mettalic, smell of blood around me. There was blood seeping through walls, comming though the floor. There was no escape, i was going be drowned. No use i couldnt sit nor move at all. Untill the bottom of me started to go through the floor like quicksand. "There is no point of this damm i am just gonna die, any-" I looked beside me there was Kairi the same as she looked when she was dead, standing beside me. Not breathing, I was a bit scared and turned towards her. She looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. She pulled something out of her pocket and came towards me pulling me closer her face to me chest, "Come on sweetie dont you f***n remember me?" She grabed she sharp object out of her pocket, I felt an intence pain comming from my back there was nothing i could do but fall. I knew, I was dead. But i do not get it, if i was to die in the real world, then where was this place i JUST died at? I am SO confused. But i gave up the chance of thinking, but i wasnt dead. I felt hands cold hands, taking off my shirt. i opened my eyes, there was a pale white woman in a black dress sitting beside me taking off my shirt with a knife i guess, well i dont know. "Wh-what are you doing?" She looked at me her long black hair covering her face,  her eyes red as the color of blood. Her teeth where of those of a vampire. She hissed at me crawled to my face, "Do you remember me?" She said her voice was that of the sound of wind, "she doesnt breath?" i thought to myself. She kissed me passionatly she gotten on top of me and sayed "Ill make you remember me!" She was violent when she kissed making my lips bleed, cutting my tounge, scratching my chest. She jerked my hair pulled my head up forcing me to sit up, " My name was Kairi I'll MAKE you remember my name got it?!" She let go of my head and left, As if nothing happened my tounge was bleeding so was my chest and lip. My shirt was torn to pieces. I got weak as i got up trying to breath as i walked it was hard soon i could only make out a few breaths at a time. Lesser than none at all. I clapsed to the ground, my view turned red, then nothing at all except white. I woke up in a bed of red velvet with a door over my head. I was wearing a back tuxeto. Red and white roses where scattered around me, i noticed "Holy crap i am in my g...r...a..v..e!!!" i looked around scared to death i was hitting the corners turning around kicking every part of the coffen. No use untill the top was brought up a tiny bit i felt dirt fall on my face. I kicked the top agian and again untill I was at the top. It was raining above, I looked at the tomb,

'Bill Kaulitz September 1989- march 2009''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Loved very much a joy a blessing a husband many of us where sad to have you go but you will always be in out hearts.'

I looked at the other graves beside mine and around mine, i was shocked and immidetly stopped when i saw,

'Kairi Addiction Feburary 1989- April 2009'''''''''''''''''''

There was no discription it was blank, I walked out of the graveyard clueless on where to go, "scheissen, where am i?" I looked around and searched untill i saw 'Addiction Residence' I whent to the door and rang the doorbell, all the flowers and plants where dead i guess Kairi's sister wasnt keeping the place tiety while me and her where gone. "wait a sec!" I heard a young voice and running. I saw Momo Kairi's sister and my brother Tom. Momo was a beautyful girl with long blonde and pink hair, she was perfict with Tom. Their jaws dropped when they saw me. Momo snatched my arm and Tom ran upstairs. Momo ran in the kitchen grabed a hot washrag and patted me all over trying to get some of the dirt off. Tom came running down fast as lightning and hugged me. Giving me some clothes, Momo got a hair brush and attempted to comb my hair. I whent in to the other room and took a shower and cleaned myself Momo and Tom gave me a glass of hot chocolate when i got out, we all sat down and watched some movies and talked. Momo i think she didnt believe me but the expression on Toms face, i think he did. I told about the Stabbing and the kissing, Tom interupted me and said "Did ju like it?!!" I looked at him stupidly "Would you think i did if i got my tounge and lip riped open?" He sat back and listened. "The stabbing that the woman gave me was right....here!" I pointed to a part of my back, 'umm Bill, we have something to show you." Momo said conserned. She whent with me to the bathroom and showed me, my back. "I cannot believe it, was it....real?" I showed a look of terror as i sat trembiling with my coco on the sofa. The lights whent out, we heard a slight creaking noice from the other room, then the lights came back on and we saw a figure holding Momo in an inapropriate way. Tom looked wide-eyed, i just was like "oh my gott," I covered my mouth and Tom took a good wack at it in teh face. At all angles nothing worked. Momo Scrame as it bit her neck blood poring, I passed out. Tom yelled and the monster vanished. Momo was laying there, motionless I ran into the kitchen and got a glass of water, "What the hell was that?!!!!" Yelled Tom at me, "Yea try getting killed by one on those like lets see...4 times!!" He snarlled at me and whent to help Momo. She wasnt in bad shock, just enough to knock her out a little bit.

CHAPTER 2 SOON!!!!!!!!