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Welcome to the random middle school blog of Meki!!

Name: Kairi Addiction und Mello Addiction

Age:13 und 14

Living: No we ares zombies rawr!

Current Residence: Charlottesville Va, und Berlin

Kairi's words:

I am wierd i like tacos I am random i like to read and write fanfictions. My favorite bands are Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Linkin Park. I watch fuse and Vh1 for a living. I love the color black and hot pink and neon green. I love cherries, I am not a realy sociable person, untill you get to know me. I am pretty talkitive on-line so if you wanna talk to me e-mail or IM at inuyashagirl506@gmail.com

Mello's Words: I am also very wierd. I like NAChoS! I am random i like to write Fan Fictions, but mostly about Tom. My favorite bands are Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance and Alice in Chains. Paramore and Linkin Park. I watch MTV and MTV3 and Fuse mosty all the time. I like Pink (all shades) and black. I am not that talkitive and i rarley get on because of school crap, so.  I feel terrable i dont have a e-mail that sucks. But if you wanna get in touch write to me at musikisbummpin@gmail.com but in your message write MELLO OR MOMO cause that is my brothers e-mail we share.

danke shon!!